Full name: Mukasa Brian Ivan

Birthday: 12th January 1998

Brian arrived at James Dunn House of Hope at the beginning of 2012. Before this, Brian didn't have a place to call home. Brian lived with his father when he was born, and then at a young age he met his mother who was a traditional healer, and stayed with her. After his mother died in 2000, Brian went back to live with his father but in 2003 Brian's father died of heart disease.

Brian was then living with his grandfather, but he use to mistreat him and Brian ended up living at his school, during term time and holidays. The school allowed Brian to stay in the dormitories and teachers would help him with food. Brian is a very clever boy, and is head boy at his school but he wasn't happy not having a place to call home and said his life became very hard after his parents died.

Brian is a Muganda by tribe and hopes to be an accountant when he grows up as his best subject is Maths.

Brian is very happy now living at James Dunn House of Hope and enjoys football and running, he says he hopes to now have a bright life.