Full name: Nantongo Caroline

Birthday: 15th August

Carol's father died of HIV and her mother disappeared when she was young. Carol was brought up by her grandmother, but as the grandmother already cares for orphans she was struggling to support Carol and pay for her school fees so Pastor Lydia, from the local church, brought Carol to James Dunn House of Hope where she new Carol would be cared for and provided an education.

In February 2017, Carol will begin to attend the boarding section of her Primary School. Carol is very excited about this, and it is an opportunity for her to get extra help in her school studies during her final two years. The children really enjoy the boarding experience. Carol says she enjoys being with her friends and learning and that the only challenge she has at school is eating the food (posho and beans)! Carol is getting good grades and continues to get involved and flourish in school performances and dances.

Since joining the Isaac's House family, Carol has had hopes to be a teacher when she has finished her education. This would be a lovely profession for Carol as she has a caring nature.

At home Carol enjoys watching movies, dancing, playing with friends and reading. The older girls at the house look out for Carol, and they act like true sisters. Carol is always happy to help anyone with their washing and chores.

Carol has a very kind heart, and although generally quiet, with those close to her she is very chatty and loves showing off her dancing skills and joking around.