Full name: Wagaba Fredrick

Birthday: 1st January 2004

Fred was living with his father, near the orphanage, in what can only be described as a shed. Fred didn't know his full name, or how old he was. Fred told us, during the day he didn't go to school as his father wouldn't pay school fees so he spent his days roaming around looking for food. In the evenings, Fred's father would lock him inside whilst he went drinking. When meeting Fred's father, he asked for our help, explaining he couldn't care for Fred. He told us Fred's full name and his birthday, 1st January 1994.

Fred would have to walk to the nearby village to go to the toilet, and would have to fetch water from a nearby stream for bathing. When we asked Fred whether he would like regular food, or to go to school - he answered school, as he wanted to be a pilot.

Fred's father asked for our help and was very pleased Fred would be living at James Dunn of Hope and beginning school. When leaving his father's place Fred brought to the orphanage all his belongings, just 2 tops and some shorts. Arriving at the orphanage all the children welcomed Fred and each gave him an item of their clothing. The children helped Fred learn to wash himself properly in the showers, use the toilets, wash his clothes and began teaching him how to write and speak English. Fred mostly enjoyed sleeping in a bed for the first time!

In September 2012, aged 9 Fred began Primary school. The children at the orphanage have welcomed Fred into the family, but they still shout at him for always licking the plate clean!