Full name: Nakawesi Jazira Gift

Birthday: 29th July

Isaac's House charity founder Paul Howells met a lovely young man called Ronald who lost his leg due to cancer in 2012. Ronald found life very difficult. The charity decided to fundraise, and help Ronald with his wish to have an artificial leg. When Paul returned to Uganda, Ronald thanked Paul and the charity for transforming his life in so many ways, he was so thankful and appreciative and Paul was really happy to see Ronald enjoying his life again.

Sadly, Ronald died in 2013, his cancer returned. Ronald left behind his loving family, his fiancée Susan, and their two young children Gift and Ramson. Ronald requested for the charity to help support his family once he had gone. After Ronald passed away, Susan was struggling as her wages were needed for childcare so she could work, which left her with little or no money to pay the rent and feed her children. Susan is a lovely lady, with brilliant English and a loving, caring, nature so Isaac's House decided she would be perfect for the new housemother position, as Housemother Babra was leaving in September 2013. So, in September, Susan, Gift and Ramson, the family together moved into James Dunn House of Hope.

Gift loves playing outside and children in the community enjoy coming to play with her in the play area where they delight in using the swings and slides. She doesn't take any nonsense from the boys and is always shouting at them for annoying her or disturbing her fun, which sometimes leaves them in tears!

Gift is a wonderful big sister to Ramson and her baby brother Jayden. She is always helping her mother (housemother Susan) care for her brothers. Gift says baby Jayden makes her smile, and she is often at home carrying him around and showing him off. In the evenings she still helps Ramson bathe and get ready for bed and reads stories to the younger ones.

When Gift is older she hopes to teach children, she attends Bethel Primary school and her favourite subject is English.

Gift says her favourite thing she has done so far in her life is swimming; she loves the water and any chance of visiting the pool with volunteers. Her favourite colour is blue, preferred food is chicken and chips and best place, the swimming pool!