Full name: Ayinomugisha Gloria

Birthday: 15th June

Gloria arrived at James Dunn House of Hope at the beginning of 2012. Gloria grew up in the Lyantone district and Gloria tells us her tribe is Munyankole. Gloria has six sisters and seven brothers, but in 2008 Gloria's mother left the family and in 2011 Gloria's father died. Gloria went to live with her Uncle but they were struggling to support and care for Gloria.

Gloria's hobby is to dance Kiganda dance and she hopes to be a lawyer when she grows up. Gloria says she likes being at James Dunn House of Hope and thanks to Isaac's House. Gloria is a kind, clever, caring girl who has settled into her new home very well.

In 2016 Gloria joined an International Secondary school and is thriving studying the Cambridge curriculum. Her favourite subjects are English, History and Religious Education. Gloria can struggle at Maths but she is very studious and puts in extra effort in all her academics as she has high hopes of becoming a lawyer when she is older. Feedback from teachers at her school is always extremely positive and they are all very impressed with her.

Gloria says she likes learning and gaining knowledge of new things. She enjoys school and interacting with different people. Her greatest achievements in life are when she achieves high grades. Achieving her goals and having a good reputation is what makes Gloria smile.

At home Gloria likes interacting with everyone and she enjoys a peaceful home. Her biggest fears in life are losing family or being unable to find a job. This is one of the reasons she works so hard, and we are very proud of her ambitions and life goals.

Gloria's favourite colour is blue and favourite food is a chicken sizzler which she enjoys at a restaurant the volunteers take her to in Entebbe, with views out onto Lake Victoria.