Full name: Angemo Grace

Birthday: 11th September

Grace arrived at the orphanage in March 2011. Her father died and her mother was seriously ill and struggling to care for Grace. At the end of 2011 unfortunately Grace's mother passed away.

Grace hopes to be a runner or an artist when she is older. Grace works hard at school and her favourite subject is maths. At home she enjoys mopping, washing plates and she likes to play football and ludo. Grace is originally from Soroti and her tribe is Etesot. Grace can speak three languages and her favourite food is chicken and chips.

Grace is our oldest girl at Isaac's House. Grace is really trying her best at Secondary school and has to put a lot of effort into her studies; she never gives up and we are proud of how far she has come along. Unlike when she first joined us, Grace now hopes to be a doctor or a teacher. Originally wishing to be an artist or a runner, these have now become passionate hobbies for Grace, though she exchanged her love of running to dancing!

At Nkumba Secondary school Grace is in boarding section, and says school it's her favourite place! Her favourite subject is art, and she really enjoys the education entertainment. This has really helped Grace with her confidence, and she is always dancing at home during the school holidays, showcasing all her new moves. At school Grace says she has lots of friends and is really happy there, thankfully she doesn't face any challenges. Grace is a sensitive young girl so we are very pleased with how she has settled and all she is achieving.

At home Grace admits she enjoys cleaning! Grace is always helping with the younger children and has the perfect nature for caring for them. She is very soft and gentle and gives her time to making them smile.

Grace has a unique fashion sense, matching different patterns and designs in her outfits. Once self-conscious, it is lovely to see Grace as a confident beautiful young lady with her own style.

Grace's biggest fear in life is being annoyed. Grace explained when she is annoyed, it makes her think of her late mother and she becomes sad. Although Grace sadly lost her parents, she still visits her relatives and always says how happy she is now.