Full name: Kemigisha Jesca

Birthday: 9th April

Jesca is from the islands on Lake Victoria. The chairperson for James Dunn House of Hope, Pastor Lydia from nearby Kawuku church asked Isaac's House to help Jesca. Pastor Lydia informed us Jesca's mother died of Aids and her father was a fisherman and died from malaria. Jesca however tells us a more creative, different story about her parents and how they died.

Jesca hopes to be a lawyer when she is older and her favourite subject is maths. Jesca enjoys singing and often leads the prayer time at the orphanage. Jesca likes playing games and says her favourite game is pretending to be the mother of dolls. Her favourite food is chips and chicken. Jesca is a friendly, fun and generous girl who is from the Munyankole tribe.

In 2016 Jesca joined an International Secondary school and is flourishing studying the Cambridge curriculum. Jesca says she really enjoys the discovery of learning new things at school! The only challenge she faces is bathing in the cold water. Her favourite subjects are Business Studies and IT. Jesca continues to achieve high grades across all her subjects and is a very intelligent girl. At her school, Taibah International, the teachers speak highly of Jesca and her commitment to extra-curricular activities. Jesca has recently joined the school swimming team and is taking her new commitment very seriously.

Jesca hopes to be an accountant when she is older and her only fear for the future is to not accomplish this and to be poor. If she doesn't achieve her ambitions of becoming an accountant she would enjoy being a dance teacher.

At home Jesca is always dancing and loves listening to music and learning lyrics. She really enjoys being around all the children and explains her best day ever is the day she came to live at Isaac's House. As such a talkative, confident young lady Jesca gets on well with everyone and has a wonderful outlook on life.

Sadly Jesca lost her Grandmother in 2016, who raised her before she moved to Isaac's House after losing both her parents. This was a very sad time for Jesca, who always maintained her relationship with her grandmother and visited regularly during school holidays. As a traditional woman Jesca's grandmother would enjoy seeing her new outfits and Jesca even taught her how to make chips!

Jesca's favourite colour is pink, her favourite food is a rolex (a Uganda chapatti with egg) and her favourite sport is basketball. We are very proud of the young woman Jesca is becoming.