Full name: Atwine Mike

Birthday: 14th March 2001

Brothers Mike and Nickson were born in Western Uganda and their tribe is Munyankole. Their father died in a motorbike accident in 2004, leaving their mother a young widow. Their mother re-married, with her new husband sending the children away so they could start a new family.

The children went to live Pastor Lydia from Kawuku church (near James Dunn House of Hope). However, with her only children aswell Pastor Lydia was struggling and brought the boys to James Dunn House of Hope.

Mike and Nickson are best friends and always look out for one another. Mike hopes to be doctor or a farmer when he is older and enjoys drawing pictures, reading and playing football.

Nickson hopes to be a footballer or pilot when he is older and enjoys the same hobbies as Mike, but he added he also enjoys mopping! At school both the boys are in the same class and sit next to each other. Both boys top subject is Religious Education. Nickson's favourite food is rice and Mike likes Matoke.