Full name: Kiwondo Moris

Birthday: 22nd March 2004

Brothers Denis and Moris were living in extreme poverty in Entebbe, Uganda before moving to James Dunn House of Hope. The boys were living with their father, Charles who was working every day and night to make a living. Often the children would go days without food, they would be left unattended by their father and were living in what can only be described as a hut, sleeping on the floor. This hut was also shared with their father and two other men.

The children love their father Charles, but as a single father Charles was struggling to care for them and Denis (who loves climbing trees) one day fell out of a tree and nearly killed himself. This is when Charles knew they needed caring for and couldn't be left to look after themselves. He asked for our help as he knew the children would be well looked after and could go to a good school; Charles understands the importance of education. Charles is still a big part in the children's lives, and he visits them at James Dunn House of Hope.

Denis and Moris are brothers with a tight bond; they are best friends and look out for one another. Their tribe is Mugishu and they can both speak three languages.

Denis is the oldest brother and enjoys driving the bicycle, reading books, learning and playing football. His favourite food is banana. Denis is a very clever boy and always does very well at school, he is caring and a loyal boy.

Moris likes playing football, shading pictures, reading and writing. Moris' favourite food is rice. Moris said he loves his Dad and rice! Moris is a funny boy who is always smiling and laughing.

In 2011, Denis and Moris both said they wanted to be pilots when they are older. However in 2012 Denis has decided he would like to become a pastor instead and preach the word of God. Moris would now like to be a driver, and if not a driver he would like to be a teacher or doctor.