Full name: Nakato Ruth Nakabugo

Birthday: 22nd November

Ruth's father died and her mother ran away leaving her with a local lady with alcohol related problems who used to mistreat and beat her, leaving permanent scars on her head and face. Ruth ran away and retold the story... One day she decided to run away as the lady really hurt her, she was alone for 2 days, eating fruits from the trees. Ruth says she was very scared but then a kind lady helped her and this eventually led her to the James Dunn House of Hope. Ruth is so thankful to her sponsors and is very happy at her new home and always so appreciative.

At the end of 2016, Ruth completed her end of Primary examinations at Bethel Primary school. With successful results from these examinations Ruth will be able to begin Secondary school in February 2017. Ruth says her greatest achievement so far in life is finishing and completing these examinations which she worked really hard towards.

Ruth enjoyed primary school, especially playing with friends and joking with the teachers. Her only struggles were waking up early and sleeping late. As a charity, and a family, we are very proud of how hard Ruth has worked over the years on her academic studies and how well she settled into Bethel Primary. Ruth's favourite subject is Maths but she scores highest in Science. To celebrate the end of Primary Ruth's school organised a day trip and a party! Ruth looked very glamorous in a bright green dress. Ruth is very excited to be joining Secondary school and then she hopes to join Oxford University after seeing an advert on the TV. Ruth hopes to be an accountant when she is older, but still has other career options such as a doctor or teacher as her back up, matching the career choices she had at a younger age.

Ruth has grown up without her mother, since her twin brother passed away, (Nakato means twin in Lugandan). Recently the charity, under Ruth's wishes, have traced and re-connected Ruth with her mother. This makes Ruth very happy, and she spent Christmas 2016 at her mother's home. Ruth's mother has now informed us her birthday is 22nd November 2000. Although now with subsequent children in a new marriage her mother is unable to care for Ruth full time, we hope they will continue to build on their relationship and spend time together. Ruth says that at home in Isaacs House is her favourite place to be. She enjoys watching movies and sleeping! Her favourite colour is yellow, favourite food meat and she doesn't like playing sport but enjoys watching football. Ruth's only fear for the future is giving birth!

Ruth is a very caring, hard working girl and at home she gets on well with everyone, and is always very helpful to the staff, assisting with cooking and helping with the little ones. Ruth has a beautiful smile, perfect for a girl always smiling and happy.