Full name: Onyang Simon Peter

Birthday: 10th September 2002

The first three children to arrive at James Dunn House of Hope were brothers Lawrence and Simon and their sister Constance. The siblings are from Katawi - which is near Soroti in Northern Uganda. With their parents dying the children were left living with their Uncle, but he didn't have enough money to look after or feed the children and they were left struggling and very unhappy.

Simon is the youngest out of the three, and is a cheeky chappy! Simon hopes to be a pilot when he's older and enjoys riding a bicycle, playing football and running. His favourite food is chips. Simon is always playing and laughing, however this wasn't the case when he first arrived at the orphanage but now he has come out his shell and is enjoying his childhood.

The three children can speak Luganda, English and Luteso and when they lived in the Katwai district they used to know Swahili.