The Community



The orphanages built by Isaac’s House are in a small village called Namulanda between the capital Kampala and Entebbe. Isaac’s House are keen to support the local community, and all our staff are from local villages.

Isaac’s House support a local woman Teo and her four children, Junior, Julius, Edith and Dennis. The founder of Isaac’s House, Paul Howells, first met the family during his first visit to Uganda in 2007. Teo and her children were living in extreme poverty, they were struggling for food and unable to pay school fee’s. Through sponsors all children are now in school and working hard, and Isaac’s House have employed Teo as the cook for our orphanage and helped her move into better accommodation near the orphanage.

Isaac’s House also support three older girls with their further studies at university. One of the girls Anna Grace lives at James Dunn House of Hope orphanage when she is not at university, and the other two girls live in the same village as the orphanage in Namulanda. All three girls are very appreciative of being given the opportunity to continue their studies and all work very hard.