With the help of supporters and sponsors, Isaac’s House can help rebuild lives and make a positive difference. Only 1 in 4 children in Uganda attend secondary school, due to expensive school fees, but we are desperate to ensure that all the children we support receive the best education and start in life.

Please support our charity and help make a positive difference.

Donations and sponsoring

If you wish to support Isaac’s House and the children, you can do so by making a one-off donation or sponsoring a child on a monthly basis.

Support Isaac’s House with £5 per month

Isaac’s House support children and families in Uganda.

Sponsor for £20 per month

Sponsor a child with their education.

Donate £50

Help put big smiles on little faces.

Other ways to support

In addition to sponsorship, there are numerous ways to support Isaac’s House charity:

  • Come along to our fundraising events or hold your own fundraising events!
  • Volunteer your skills to help with the daily running of the charity.
  • Any old clothes, items to sell, paperback books? Isaac’s House is always looking for items to sell at car boot sales, or take out to Uganda for our children and staff and we are happy to collect!
  • Buy something from our shop!
  • Contact us to join our fundraising team

One of the main ways supporters can assist Isaac’s House is by helping us with the items we need at the children’s home and items that can often be expensive in Uganda. If sponsors would like to send gifts, we also request that you send items from the list below and for the gift to be for all the children at the home.

Items needed in Uganda

Household items

Bathing soap
Shoe polish
Sanitary towels
Soap for clothes

Clothing items

Flip flops
Smart black shoes
Football kits


Colouring pencils
Pencil cases
Geometry sets
Coloured paper
Art pencils
Reading books

Larger items

Bed sheets
School bags
Board games