Who we support

Isaac’s House is keen to support our local community. All of our staff are from local villages and we support community members in numerous ways.

Isaac’s House continues to be a personal charity with a vision to help children and families in Uganda. When Isaac’s House started supporting vulnerable children in 2009, the country was still recovering from decades of war and political instability. Whilst conditions have improved sadly according to UNICEF there are 2.5 million children with no parental care in Uganda.

Isaac’s House operate as a family and support children in a safe and stable environment, and more importantly with a place to call home. We have biological brothers and sisters growing up together with their Isaac’s House brothers and sisters and they are all cared for by our team of local Ugandan staff who all form part of our family home.

Isaac’s House has taken the initiative to trace back families for our children. This has been years of research thanks to the patience of our staff. We work hard to ensure our children build up a relationship with their long-lost relatives. They spend some time over the school holidays with them. We also have a ‘family day’ every year where we invite any relatives we have managed to trace to the house for a party and celebrate the work of the charity. The children put on a dance show and food and entertainment is provided for all.

Isaac’s House supports many children in the community as well, especially with education. Only 1 in 4 children in Uganda achieve Secondary education due to the expensive fees. As a charity, we also extend our support to families, children with disabilities and the elderly.

Uganda is a beautiful country with a wonderful sense of community and is known as the “pearl” of Africa. As a charity, we are really proud to work alongside our team of staff to help make a positive difference to the lives of so many.

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The children at Isaac’s House
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Ada and Jhanelle
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Anna and twins
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Community kids shool
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Gift and Livius
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Ibra and Ramson