About Isaac’s House

When Isaac’s House charity first began in 2009, we had a vision to provide a secure future for children, affected by war, HIV and poverty in Uganda.

Many of the children we began supporting had lost their parents and were very vulnerable. Isaac’s House provided a safe, stable place to live with regular nutritional meals, clothing, access to healthcare and education and most of all a place to call home.

These children are part of our Isaac’s House family and our cared for and raised by our team of local Ugandan staff who have made James Dunn House of Hope a family home.

Over the years we have searched and traced relatives of the children and wherever possible we have kept families together.

We also began supporting children in the community with their education. With only 1 in 4 children in Uganda reaching Secondary education due to school fees we discovered how much this could make a positive difference.

As a charity, we also want to help people to help themselves and work hard to help empower families and single mothers. We do a lot of work in the community, from local schools to a Disability Centre.

We are often approached for medical support, with health care being paid for, families can find themselves in impossible situations. We are proud to have been able to provide life-saving medical support to numerous children and adults and we continue to provide health care to five children with life-long conditions.

Each year we organise volunteer trips for people to see for themselves the good work of the charity and the beautiful country, Uganda.


The charity and committee

In the UK, the Isaac’s House committee include:

  • Paul Howells
  • Julia Wignall
  • Peter Malone
  • Hayley Gilroy
  • Rachel Kirya
  • Beth Hogg
  • Linda Maguire
  • Jill Sheridan