About Isaac’s House

Isaac’s House charity has a vision to help and support vulnerable children and families in Uganda.

First established in 2009, by founder Paul Howells from Liverpool, we are very proud of the positive impact we are making on the lives of so many, alongside our team in Uganda. Uganda is a beautiful country with a wonderful sense of community and is known as the “pearl” of Africa.

How We Support


We currently help 30 children with their education. With the majority of schools in Uganda being fee-paying and private, we provide children with the opportunity to study at great schools, giving them a better chance of a bright future. With only 1 in 4 children in Uganda reaching Secondary education due to expensive school fees, we discovered how much this could make a positive difference on not only the children but the families struggling just to provide education.

Isaac’s House assist children with education packages, including all their school stationery, requirements, needs for boarding education and any extra coaching or support they need. As well as the financial aspect, our social worker and education mentors work closely with the children to help them with all aspects of school life and planning for their futures.

Supporting Families

Isaac’s House believe in the importance of families and we support and empower 12 families in the community.

We worked with the Ugandan government and have re-settled children living at James Dunn House of Hope with their relatives, and ensure during school holidays they are happy in their family homes as we continue to provide food, medical, clothing and support to all the Isaac’s House family children.

Over the years thanks to the patience of our team of staff we have even been able to trace long-lost relatives and reunite family members. This has been wonderful to be a part of. Through close contact and visits, the bonds of the children and relatives are strong. The children who grew up at James Dunn House of Hope are also one big family, and they have such strong bonds as brothers and sisters that will take them through life.

For our older children, now young adults, we have begun looking at the steps and process of becoming independent. The charities vision is to ensure they are safe, happy and have a bright future.

The other families in the community we support in various ways, and all work closely alongside our social worker. We want to empower single parents so they can help their children, we do this through business start-ups or paying for rent or food.

Health Care

As a charity we are often approached for medical support, with health care being private and often expensive, families can find themselves in impossible situations and we are proud to have been able to provide life-saving medical support to numerous children and adults. We continue to provide health care to 5 children with life-long conditions. We participate in community projects, help the elderly and support local NGO’s, such as a nearby Disability Centre and support the schools our children attend. One of aims is to help people to help themselves and we work closely with our team in Uganda on all our community projects.

As a small charity, we are able to be very transparent with our finances and ensure 90% of money donated goes directly to those in need. We are a personal charity and operate as a family. We are extremely appreciative of our sponsors, donors and supporters. The success of Isaac’s House and the positive difference that has been made to the lives of all the people we support in Uganda is wholly thanks to the passion, commitment and generosity of our supporters.

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