About Isaac’s House

Isaac’s House charity has a vision to provide homes for children affected by war, HIV and poverty. The children Isaac’s House seek to support are vulnerable. Many have lost parents, and have been witness to shocking acts of violence that deprive them of their childhood and can blight the rest of their lives. We create safe, sustainable environments in which health, education and growth can be achieved.

Isaac’s House provides the children with a safe and stable place to live, regular nutritional meals, clothing, access to healthcare and education and most of all, a place to call home. Our team of local Ugandan staff who care for the children all work hard to make the orphanage a family environment.

Paul Howells – the founder of Isaac’s House

Isaac’s House is a small charity based in Merseyside. The founder of Isaac’s House charity, Paul Howells, first visited Uganda in 2007. During his first visit to Uganda, Paul saw for himself the need for orphanages and was determined to make a difference and help rebuild the lives of children in Uganda.

Paul, a gardener from Formby, founded Isaac’s House charity and through his passion, determination and hard work, Isaac’s House charity began. In 2009, Paul, a group of tradespeople and other volunteers from Merseyside went to Uganda to build the first orphanage, James Dunn House of Hope. Isaac’s House now have a second orphanage and the Isaac’s House family continues to grow thanks to supporters and sponsors.

Over the past 10 years, since he became interested in both personal fitness and charity work, Paul has consistently raised over £10,000 per year for various charities, ranging from the world renowned charity, Jospice, to lesser known charities such as Debra (Epidermolysis Bullosa Research).

Paul is overwhelmed by the support for Isaac’s House charity and encourages sponsoring a child. Paul visits Uganda several times a year and is always amazed by how happy the children are in the orphanages. Isaac’s House make a positive difference and help rebuild lives.

The charity and committee

In the UK, the Isaac’s House committee include:

  • Paul Howells
  • Julia Wignall
  • Peter Malone
  • Hayley Gilroy
  • Rachel Kirya
  • Beth Hogg
  • Liam McGuire
  • Linda Maguire
  • Jill Sheridan