About Isaac’s House

Isaac’s House charity has a vision to provide a secure future for children, adults and families affected by war, HIV and poverty in Uganda.

Many of the children Isaac’s House support have lost parents, and have been witness to shocking acts of violence that deprive them of their childhood and can blight the rest of their lives. Isaac’s House provides the children with a safe and stable place to live, regular nutritional meals, clothing, access to healthcare, an education and most of all, a place to call home. Our team of local Ugandan staff who care for the children all work hard to make a family environment.

Isaac’s House also support many children, adults and families in the community. We currently fund 20 children with their school fees whose parents were unable to fund an education.

We assist seven single mothers with their rent to ensure they can provide a home for their children, ensuring the families are able to remain together. We also fund essential diabetes medication to another single mother for her son, which was an impossible task for her.

Our team of staff at Isaac’s House also provide an informal education for many of the children living in the local area. We have nine regular children coming to the house four days per week to learn, with lunch provided.

Every child has a right to learn and we see at first hand the difference that a good education makes to the children we support. We would like to do everything we can to help make this happen for as many children as we can.


The charity and committee

In the UK, the Isaac’s House committee include:

  • Paul Howells
  • Julia Wignall
  • Peter Malone
  • Hayley Gilroy
  • Rachel Kirya
  • Beth Hogg
  • Liam McGuire
  • Linda Maguire
  • Jill Sheridan