Welcome to Isaac’s House!

Isaac’s House is a children’s charity with a vision to help vulnerable children in Uganda. We currently have 19 children living at our children’s home in a safe, stable, family environment.

As a small charity, we are extremely appreciative of our sponsors, donors and supporters. The success of Isaac’s House and the positive difference that has been made to the lives of the children we support in Uganda is wholly thanks to the passion, commitment and generosity of our supporters.

Thanks to their sponsors, the children have access to education and healthcare, and more importantly, they have a place to call home. We also support 19 children in the community with their education, to give struggling families the opportunity to send their children to school and the chance for a bright future.

Who are Isaac's House?

Isaac's House currently support 35 children in Uganda thanks to our supporters and sponsors.

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The children

Isaac's House provide children with a safe and stable place to live, regular nutritional meals, clothing, access to healthcare and education and most of all, a place to call home.


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Latest news

28 Nov 2018

Christmas cards now available

We have Christmas cards for sale, designed by the children at Isaac’s House! Each card is a high quality A6 print and has the name of the child who designed it printed on the back.

6 Nov 2018

Isaac’s House feed and educate local children

Nearly one out of every five children in Uganda is uneducated. The problem is particularly serious among children living in rural areas. Paying school fees is beyond many families, especially when they have a lot of children.

9 Jul 2018

Our support in the community – January to June 2018

We are committed to helping in the community in Uganda. We particularly look to support children, the disabled and the elderly, who are quite vulnerable in Uganda.