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Supporting children and families in Uganda.

Isaac’s House charity has a vision to help and support children and families in Uganda. First established in 2009 we are very proud of all we have achieved. We currently help educate 32 children, support and empower 11 families and single mothers and pay life-long health care for 5 children. The Isaac’s House family live at James Dunn House of Hope and have access to food, healthcare, education and more importantly a place to call home.

As a small charity, we are able to be very transparent with our finances and help those in need. We are a personal charity and operate as a family. We are extremely appreciative of our sponsors, donors and supporters. The success of Isaac’s House and the positive difference that has been made to the lives of all the people we support in Uganda is wholly thanks to the passion, commitment and generosity of our supporters.

About Isaac's House

Who are Isaac's House?

Isaac's House currently support 35 children in Uganda thanks to our supporters and sponsors.

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The children

Isaac's House provide children with a safe and stable place to live, regular nutritional meals, clothing, access to healthcare and education and most of all, a place to call home.

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Latest news

19 November 2019

Isaac’s House Christmas Appeal

Over the Christmas period, the children like to visit their relatives, many of whom live far away in rural areas of Uganda.

17 September 2019

Urgent appeal: Heavy rain fall causes a family home to collapse – update

We support 11 families in the community. Connie is one of these children and we have been so upset to hear the news that her family home had been turned upside down in recent heavy rains.

16 May 2019

Weightmans staff trip to Uganda with Isaac’s House – week two

We’re into the second week of the Weightmans trip to Uganda. This week’s update features a visit to the botanical gardens and a football match.